Since 1897, VİTSAN Inc. has been Lloyd's Agent for the northern half of Turkey (Marmara, Black Sea, and Northern Anatolia). After being assigned to Izmir in 1990, we have become the Lloyd's Agent for Aegean and Mediterranean regions. From 2011 on, we have been serving all over Turkey.

In addition, we continue to serve for two separate VITSAN Group Companies which are Lloyd’s Agents at Batumi/Georgia and at Baku/Azerbaijan as well.

Since 1986, VİTSAN Inc has also been Lloyd’s claims settlement agent.


Cargo Damage and Loss Prevention Surveys
Property and Vehicle Damage Appraisals
Investigation and Intelligence Services
Property Evaluation, Disposition, Risk Assessment and Analysis
Business Interruption Solutions

VİTSAN Average Agency provides services all over the World, especially to Europe, America, Near and Far East.

Bringing to a rapid and efficient conclusion any damage occurring anywhere in Turkey through its Head Office in Istanbul and branch offices spread all over the country is the “Number One Target” of the VİTSAN Average Agency.

Damages related to the following cargo items, the survey of which necessitates specialized knowledge and experience, are examined by experts, using the appropriate technical means and equipment, and determining the reason, nature and extent of the damage:

» Electronic instruments and computers
» Construction products
» Chemicals
» Textile raw materials and processed products
» Raw and processed leather
» Agricultural products
» Furniture and antiques

The above are examined with the use of appropriate technical means and equipment by our specialized experts, hence the cause, quality and quantity of the damage is determined.