Cargo Damage Appraisals, Inspection, Surveys
Damage Surveys on Fixed and Floating Objects
Loss Prevention, Pre-Loading Cargo Surveys, Hold Inspections
Collision, Angle of Blow and Degree of Fault Assessors
Settlement of Claims
Loading and Unloading Surveys
Container Surveys
On-Hire and Off-Hire Surveys and Bunker Surveys
Salvage and Wreck Removal Consultants and Claims Handlers
Handling and Settling of P&I Club Claims

A complete and independent department of VİTSAN A.Ş. handles all P (Protection) and I (Indemnity) matters since 1912, the year when the company was first appointed as the P&I Club Correspondent in Turkey. Since almost a century, we have been successfully serving both the P&I Club Associations and the Marine Insurance Underwriters from all over the world. The key of our success is the complete operational independence of our departments, our “principle of total impartiality and the strict observance of individual professional secrecy."

HWe provide the same meticulous attention in each case we handle regardless the amount of the damage. At all times, experience and technical know-how would be the guide to our business practice. VİTSAN A.Ş.’s primary concern is to protect adequately our Principal's interests with the best coordination to save time, effort and expenditure.


Supervising requests for compensation for damage
Consulting services

The VİTSAN Department of P&I Club Consultancy precisely provides consultancy to shipowners in arranging the placement of their protection (P) and indemnity (I) insurances as well as that of various other insurances to protect the owners’ interests.